Math's Test! Can you take it?

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Hi!!!!!! Welcome to the Maths world. I love maths so I thought I would make a test for my friends to take. I can't wait for you all to try it out!!!!!

You can write about it on the website. I hope you do very very very very very very so so so so so well! Come along and try. The worst thing is is to be shy.

Created by: K.P.G.Jennings

  1. Dead Easy! 2+8=
  2. 11+9=
  3. Medium! 7x3=
  4. 100-55=
  5. Nearly Hard! 2000x10=
  6. 100-22=
  7. Hard! 7x7=
  8. 80x100=
  9. Dead Hard! Lyndon+Kaileb=
  10. Water+Washing up liquid=

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Quiz topic: Math's Test! can I take it?