Mareena Titanus

Fire or Ice? Which of these two would you can you control best? Would it be ice, an ability to manipulate cold or would it be fire an ability to create and destroy life.

Hi guys!My quiz is about fire and ice.Maybe your asking why wouldn't it be fire and water..Actually that is the original version of these until frozen.i just want to apologize for the wrong title Im really sorry

Created by: Mare Barrow

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite colors?
  2. What do you enjoy more?
  3. Introvert,Extrovert,or Ambivert?
  4. Ok guys..Role Play time.
  5. You wake up in a dark mysterios forrest.Your head feel heavy yet you manage to stand with the help of a tree.
  6. When you stand, you feel someone is heading to your direction so hide behind the tree.You noticed that they eventually stop.Since your curios enough you get a sneak peak and then....
  7. you see horible monsters(depends on what horrible mean to you) before you even realize it you let out tiny scream, enough for the momsters to hear you, what will you do?
  8. You run through the forrest.Not really minding where you are going. And you look behind to see if they are still chasing you.THEY ARE!You run and finally you trip against the roots of a tree.You know this is the end so you just lay there tired, preparing on what is coming.You wait but you feel nothing then you gain the courage to look up and your eyes wide in shock to see the monsters in front of you...
  9. End of RP.
  10. Let fate decide...

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