Malcolm in the Middle Quiz

Hello, I am a big fan of Malcolm in the middle. I did this quiz to see if anyone out there cared too. I think the anyone would find this show funny, even is they watched from episode 1 season 1 to the last one in season 7.

I really like the characters in this Show. I think all of them deserve our thanks. This show was very funny and really relates to life. As the title song says " life is unfair".

Created by: Mara
  1. Is Malcolm in a gifted class with kids he calls "Krelboynes"?
  2. Malcolm is the middle child.
  3. There are 5 boys in Malcolm in the Middle until season 7. Francis, Reese, Malcolm, Dewey, and Jamie.
  4. Reese is the neighborhood bully in Malcolm in the middle.
  5. Dewey is the child who thinks he is sweet, the most loved one.
  6. The name of the actor playing Reese is Robert Heston.
  7. The actress playing Lois won 3 oscars for Malcolm in the Middle.
  8. Francis was sent to military school.
  9. Francis marries a woman named Rachel.
  10. Grandma Ida is hated by the family.
  11. Grandma Ida once sues Lois when she is pregnant.
  12. Francis worked for a man named Bob Slerk in New Mexico.
  13. Dewey was born in the family yard.
  14. Hal gets shaved by his wife in the kitchen naked.
  15. Malcolm in the middle finished in 2008.

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