Magister Magi Quiz

Do you think you know the most about Negima?! You think you have what it takes to pass this test? Well take the quiz now and see if you relly are a Negima fan!

Many people try their hardest because they think they are real Negima fans, but only the real fans can pass tests such as these. Take the test to see if you are are real Negima fan!

Created by: Matthewchips

  1. Practe Bigi Nar Ardescat
  2. Captus Flammeus
  3. Dios Tukos
  4. Crystallizatio Tellustris
  5. Doru Petras
  6. Evocatio
  7. Flans Exarmatio
  8. Flagarantia Rubicans
  9. Flans Paries Venti Vertentis
  10. Fulguratio Albicans
  11. Laculatio Grandinis
  12. Infernus Scholasticus
  13. Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens
  14. Killipl Astrapez
  15. Raiten Taisou
  16. Kosmike Katastrophe
  17. Malleus Aquilonis
  18. Pnoe Petras
  19. Refectio
  20. Sagitta Magica

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