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*IMPORTANT*I'M SO SORRY ONCE AGAIN!This is all my stupid teachers fault!She gave me a stupid book report,where i had to make 75 quality drawings of my book,and then a huge speech and essay!It was

Terrible!PLZ forgive me!I spent every waking moment on it.I spent the last two days writing part 6,it was sooooooo hard!I'm sorry!OTHER NEWS:AiFiahK3mE AND Xx 3mo_Star xX are introduced in this quiz!Thanks guys!I made the quiz extra long!

Created by: KaliaRox

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  1. *CONTINUED*You all hop inside of Jessie's dark green SUV,and head to your new school,Pahoa Clark High.You wave goodbye to Jessie,and thank her for all she did to help you.You walk into school,in the middle of your group.Elijah,to your left,and Jonathon to your right,Kail to the far right,and Jacob to the far left.Everyone of the students watch as the five of you enter the building,to the front desk.Some of the high school guys whistle,and immediatly earn some death glares from the guys(A.K.A your bodyguards lol!).You walk straight to the front desk and ask nicely to the lady at the front desk if you could have your new schedule,explaining how you're a new student.She smiles and says okay,and hands it to you.You quickly thank her and go sit down on the floor in the corner,and start studying your schedule.The guys come and sit around you.Something was missing."Hey,where's your new schedule's?"You ask confused and clueless."Ummm,_____?Are you forgetting something?"Jacob says laughing slightly.You shake your head."We've already been to this school,so we have our schedules.Yesterday was our first day."Jacob says laughing."Oh......"You whisper embarrassed."I swear _____,sometimes,you're even more clueless thank Kail!"Elijah says chuckling."Hey!"Kail says pretending to look hurt."What's that supposed to mean!"He yells."Oh,nothing......"Elijah says raising an eyebrow at you.You laugh.'Today's gonna be a fun day.'You think.'I know right.'Elijah responds laughing.You hear the first bell ring,and quickly look at your homeroom-and you've only seen your homeroom.Apparently all of the guys have that same one too,so you walk there(and there,I will tell you you're new schedule because I want to keep it suspenseful.I'm evil-love,KaliaRox,your Author).
  2. You make your way to homeroom-which is Mr.Darold.He teaches lower Science,which you are thankfully not in.You hear-from Kail-that Mr.Darold is anything but a softie,more like a boot camp coach,who Kail says is like 200 and something years old.You doubt it,until you actually see Mr.Darold.He looked even older than what Kail said,like 300 years old.He had wrinkles on his face,hands,arms,eyes,and ears(yeah!Ears and eyes too!)He had horribly dyed short hair,that looked like it had been attacked by a rabid squirrel.It was dyed a horrible shade of orange.He was the most horrible,pre-historic clown,and he scared you."Sit down!"He barks."You're almost late for class!"He barks again,but he stares at you,and narrows his eyes."Sir,Mr.Darold,we aren't late.We still have three minutes."Jacob glaring at him for glaring at you.He was right,you guys were even the first to be in the room,besides Mr.Darold.The pre-historic clock above confirmed that there was still three and a half minutes left until the last bell rang."Don't correct me!Just sit in your assigned seats!"He was still glaring at you."I'm keeping an eye on you."He says coldly while pointing to you.You're horrified.Your homeroom teacher-the most important teacher that you will have-already hates you,and you've barely known him for a little more than a minute.You feel terrible.'It's alright _____,don't think about it.He did the same thing yesterday,he does it to everybody that seems anyway out of the ordinary,or in your case,the ringleader.Yesterday,Kail told one small joke,and Mr.Darold threatened to call the police.It was really funny,because Kail gave him on of 'his' famous looks,and it drove Mr.Darold craxy!He actually did call the police,only in result to his cry for help,to have them disconnect there number from his phone!It was hilarious!I wish you were there.'Elijah says/thinks laughing to you.You giggle.Big Mistake."Miss ____,detention after school."Sorry."Elijah mouths."It's okay."You mouth back."MISS ____!DOUBLE DETENTION!I advise you stop fooling around,or you might be in detention all year!"He says smirking.You glare at him,and slouch down in your seat.You already have an enemy at your new school.You look over to see Jon looking furious at Mr.Darold.He is focusing intently,when an eraser on his desk flies over and hits Mr.Darold on the neck."WHO THREW THAT!"Mr.Darold shrieks.No one answers."I BET IT WAS YOU!YOU NOW HAVE DETENTION WITH MISS ____!"He yells pointing at a confused Kail."Wait,I didn-"Kail was frantically saying until Mr.Darold interrupted him."DOUBLE DETENTION.""But-""CARE TO MAKE THAT TRIPLE, MISTER RADKE?"He yells while smirking.Kail shakes his head,dazed."Good."Mr.Darold says,evilly smirking.
  3. The bell rings to leave,and you quickly tell the guys your first period,which is Advanced Algebra,like your other schedule.No one has it with you,so you all hurry off before Mr.Darold can yell at you.You walk in,and your eyes hurt.The walls are painted pure pure pure,neon yellow!It was terrible.And you knew why this was the advanced class,the teacher was very nice,cheering students on,and all of that stuff.Her name was Mrs.Territo,she had short curly black hair,and brown eyes,maybe in her late 30's.Class went by quickly.Bell rang:Time to go to second period.You have second period with Kail,and Elijah.It's Social Studies.You grin as you enter.They saved you a seat.'Thank goodness you're here,i'd have to sit next to Kail the whole time!'You laugh.There was to open seats.One infront of Elijah,and another between him and Kail.Elijah,tilts his head to the one beside him.'I don't wanna sit next to Kail like this all year.'You grin.You sit in the chair infront of him purposely.He groans."Hey!Imma sit right here."Kail says taking the empty seat.You laugh.Elijah buries his head in his arms."What's his problem?"Kail says confused.You sake your head."Alright class.The seats you're in right now,are the seats you'll be in for the rest of the time that you're in my class.'Thanks alot.'Elijah growl/thinks.Second period is a whole bunch of Kail telling jokes,some good,some bad,almost all annoying.You don't even remember learning anything."Hey,_____,what lunch do you have?"Elijah asks."Ummm,3rd again."You say looking at your schedule.You go to Miss.Clarks Oceanography class next."Cool,all of us do."Elijah says speaking for all of the guys."What teacher?Only Science,or Oceanography have 3rd lunch.""Miss.Clark."You say."Aww,you're so lucky!I have good ole',and emphasise on OLE',Mr.Darold."Elijah says faking a smile.The bell rings."Bye guys."You say and find Miss Clarks room.
  4. This is where the trouble begins.You walk inside the room.You sit down and the bell rings.None of the guys are in your class.Miss Clark calls you up."Class,we have a new student.What's your name sweetie?"She asks.She can't be more the 24 years old."_____."You say."Please welcome _____."She says.You sit back down,next to a two girls,and two boys(AiFiahK3mE AND Xx 3mo_Star xX,this is where you come in!)."Hi."You say to them."Hi,"One of the girls says back.She has brown hair,and blue eyes(AiFiahK3mE,picture yourself)."My name is Afiah,and this is my twin sister(Xx 3mo_Star xX,picture yourself)Emilie(I don't have any names that I could call you,sorry.)."She has black hair,and blue eyes.She has a side fringe(you said emo,so i looked up a pretty emo picture,and i'm describing that lol sorry!)that covers her left eye."These are our boyfriends,Zeke&Grant.They're also twins.I'm dating Zeke,and Emilie is dating Grant."You look at them.(You two both liked Elijah,so I based them off of him.So,they're emo).They looked somewhat similar to Elijah,except Zeke had dyed blonde hair,and Grant was a brunette.They both have green eyes.(not choices,they're taken ;D)."Hi."You smile warmly to the group."Are you in a relationship _____?"Emilie asks."No.I'm not,but I have my eye on one of my guyfriends.They go here too."You say."What are their names?You're friends?"Afiah asks."Kail,Elijah,Jacob,and Jonathon."You reply."I don't know them."They both say at the same time."Hey,girl."You here from across the room.You hear some whispering."Ummmm,I mean _____."You turn around."Are you tired?Cuz you've been running through my mind all day."A guy says winking at you.He had brown hair,blue eyes,and a beanie hat on.You turn back around."Wait!"He yells."What?" you reply."Was it love at first sight, or should I walk by again?"He says.You roll your eyes and turn around again."Sorry"Emilie mouths."Whose that?"You whisper."It's Trey.He's a player,be careful."Afiah whispers.
  5. You continue talking,until you feel somebody tap your shoulder.You turn around,to see Trey."Are you O.K.? because it's a long fall from heaven."He says smirking.You hear some of his friends laugh together where he was sitting a few moments ago."If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together."He says again."Really?"You say."Because i'd put F and U together."You snapped.You heard howling laughter in the back from his friends as you said this."Now please leave me alone."You heard howling laughter in the back from his friends as you said this.He turns away confused,and Afiah and Emilie high five you."That doesn't mean he won't leave you alone.That just means you've made yourself a bigger target to him."Zeke points out.You groan.The bell rings that signals you for lunch."Hey _____,could me and my sister have your number?You know,so we could hang out soon?"Emilie asks,while holding hands with Grant."Sure!"You say,and write your phone number on a piece of paper,and hand it to her.You hurry off to lunch,waving goodbye.You wait in the lunch line,pay,and then search for the guys.You finally spot them-sitting at the second to last table,in the third row from the second entrance(sorry if that confused you).You walk over to sit with them,and they see you coming.You're about five feet away,when you feel something pull you back,and your forced to sit down.You twist your back to see who it was,although you already knew the answer.It's Trey of course!"Hey babe!"He says putting his arm around you.You shake it off.You get up to go,but he grabs your wrist to keep you there."Let go of me!"You say trying to get out of his grasp."Hold on,just sit here for now,i'd like you to meet my homies right here."He says and immediatly his friends start cheering.You glance back to the guys,and they seem confused.'Help me please!This creep won't let me go!He's holding onto my arm,help!'You think to Elijah.You see Elijah say something,and all four of them get up.
  6. They walk over,and Jon taps Trey on the shoulder.Trey looks back,and his eyes widen for a second,but he keeps his cool."What do you losers want?"He sneers."First of all,we aren't losers.That's what you are for keeping a girl against her own will."Jacob says gesturing to you."Oh,so your friends with them babe?"Trey asks you."First of all,i'm not your babe!And yes,they ARE my friends.Now let go of my arm!"You demanded."Yeah,let go of her arm,and there won't be any trouble,kapeesh?"Kail says."Trey looks at you,and winks.You roll your eyes."No thanks,now go ahead and go eat your soup back at your loser table."You asked for it."Jon says.He suddenly punches him in the jaw.Trey is obviously surprised,and he lets go of you.You quickly scramble up and stand by them.Trey gives Jon the middle finger,and you leave to your table.You have a very nice lunch.Although the whole time,you feel eyes on you.You turn around,and see Trey staring at you.He doesn't look away quickly,but very slowly.Fourth period went by like a breeze,it was PE,and Afiah was there.Fifth period science too.Emilie was in that one.Sixth period was Language Arts.Jacob and Jonathon were there.Also Trey.You sat by Jacob and Jonathon the whole time,and didn't even glance at Trey once."I wanna kill him so badly."Jonathon says angrily."That little jerk has been staring at you the whole time!We should go teach him a lesson after school."Jacob says pushing Jon's shoulder a bit."Don't worry,we will."Jon says grinning.Jacob nods."Film it for me will ya?"You ask grinning."I'll bring my camera."Jacob says grinning back.Before you know it,the bell rings,and you leave Mrs.Barnes classroom,and head off to the detention room saying goodbye to Jacob and Jon,and Elijah.Kail was probably already inside.You walk in,and take a seat.Just as you sit,Kail comes in and sits next to you.The detetion teacher comes in with a list."Is everybody here?"She asks.You look around,only three other people were there besides you and Kail.One loner reading a book,and a couple in the back making out.The detention lady didn't really seem to care."Roll call.Kail.""Here""_____""Here"You reply."Mindy""Here"The girl that was with her boyfriend quickly replies."Max""Here"The boyfriend."Johnson""Here"The loner answers."Trey-""Here"Trey says walking into the room.Your eyes widen.You see Kail stiffen."You guys will leave in exactly two hours.Detention begins.And i'm supposed to say no talking,but I know that won't happen,so see ya later suckerz!"She says leaving.You laugh.
  7. Trey sees you,and comes over."So you don't have your little friends to protect you?Good."He says grinning mischeviously."AHEM."Kail yells.Trey looks at him like he was a leaf in the wind.Trey reaches to grab your hand.Kail winks at you,and you see something flash around you.Trey hand bounces off."WTF?"He says he tries to put his arm around you,but it stops about 13 inches from you."WTF?!WTF?!"He yells."Will ya leave her alone now?"Kail asks."Not a chance!""Fine."Kail says.He whispers this in your ear."Watch him get trapped like a little goldfish!"You giggle,because at that moment,you see an almost invisible box form around him.He steps foward,and you see his face smush against the force field.He leans against it,and Kail immediatly releases him,sending him falling on the ground.Trey is angry by now.He grabs your hand.You are furious,and you feel a wave of energy flash through your veins.You punch him in the face.His nose started bleeding.You then kicked him in the groin.He fell to the floor.Kail looked at you incredulously."Nice!"He exclaims.Trey crawls away,not before Kail walks over and ruffles up his hair."Nice try bud,not good enough,so unless you want more pain,i'd leave her alone."He says laughing.Trey slowly nods his head.You laugh.Detention drags by slowly,and Trey doesn't even glance at you,probably scared out of his mind.The teacher comes back in."Dismissed."She says.You and Kail immediatly get up and exit the school.You start your long walk home.You guys talk about a lot of different things,until....."Hey _____,i've got something for you.Hold out your hand,and close your eyes."You do as he says."Open your eyes."He says.You open your eyes to see him holding your hand.You smile,and laugh."I'd walk a million miles to see your smile."He says.You blush,and can't help but smile like crazy.Kail suddenly stops.He turns you around so your facing him,and he kisses you.You have a happy feeling.He pulls away 15 seconds later.
  8. You arrive home,only to see some horrible things.The door has been broken off it's hinges,the glass in the windows are broken,and Jessie is on the floor bleeding.You hear distant fighting.You rush over to Jessie."WHAT HAPPENED!"You yell.She spits some blood out before answering."Jas......Per,army..of..evil....searching...for you..attacked."She then blacks out.Kail quickly carries her to your room with you leading him."!"She says pointing under your bed.You rush into the bathroom and grab the first aid kit.You crawl under your bed,and,just like Jessie said,there was a secret room.You open it,and help Kail lift Jessie down.You crack the first aid kit open,and start helping Jessie.You first bandage up a huge gash that she had on her right arm,and treat a gash on her head.You're horrified."Kail,help Jessie while I run and see if anyone else is hurt.""Okay,be careful."He says."I will."And you rush up the stairs.Once you reach the outside,you shrink to the size of a small doll.You run around the back to see if any if the guys were hurt.What you see horrifies you.You rush to Elijah's side.
  9. He was lying on the ground,knocked out.You rush over to him.You turn big again,and try to pick him up.It takes a couple of tries,but you manage to carry him to the house without being noticed.You bring him to the hidden room with much effort,exhausting you in the process.You come to see that Jessie is resting peacefully.You put Elijah next to him,and start cleaning cuts on his arm.It appears that he has a concussion.You suddenly hear footsteps from upstairs."Scour the house!We have to find her-the love of my life."You hear Jasper say.You freeze with fear.You hear at least 35 replies."YES SIR."They say,almost in unison.What this means is,if they're freely roaming,then Jonathon,and Jacob are somewhere injured."I have to go find them!"You say frantically to Kail."What are you crazy!No!"He whisper/yells."No!I must!"And with that,you're off.You very silently open the hidden compartment that hidses the hidden room.You check to see if the coast is clear,and turn small again.You run out the doors,being careful not to be seen.You search everywhere outside,until you finally spot Jacob.He was severly injured,he was still conscious though.He was trying to crawl back to the house.You crawl up to him,afraid to be caught by any soldiers passing by."Jacob!"You say horrified."What happened!"You ask.You're really concerned."They all came at once,and we were outnumbered by a lot.Elijah is somewhere unconscious,help him ____."He says wincing from pain."I already got him,i'm here for you."You say.You stand just out of his field of vision,and change to your original size."If any soldiars come,act like your unconscious."You tell him."Okay,"Jacob says."By the way,you won't have to come back for Jon,he's hiding,readying himself for an ambush attack on Jasper(for those who like Jasper,you may be feeling a pang in your heart).""Okay."You say a little relieved that you don't have to go back out."I'm sorry if this hurts."You say as you put Jacob on your back.You start walking."It's okay,don't worry about it _____."He says trying to smile,as a sign that he's fine.You start running behind the back of the house,careful not to get caught.
  10. You don't know how,but you make it to the hidden room without being seen.'He must have really bad soldiars.'You think to yourself.'They were enough to take me out.'Elijah replies weakly.You gasp."What is it?"Jacob asks."Elijah's awake."You respond.You quickly,but carefully,so you won't hurt Jacob,crawl under the bed,and into the hidden room.You put Jacob gently on the floor with a pillow under his head."Kail,help Jacob,I left something up there.It's just a foot away from the bed,so it'll be quick.I'll be back."With that you head on your way.Your mothers necklace,the one you loved so dearly had fallen off,right by the bed.You hear the soft yet quiet thump of the panel that exposes the room behind you close.You see the necklace.You reach out to grab it,when something pulls your ankle.You look back expecting to see Jon,but no,it's a soldiar.He slowly drags you out,while your screaming,to the waiting arms of Jasper.'STAY THERE.THEY'LL KILL YOU IF THEY FIND YOU!'You tell Elijah who is screaming that he's sending Kail.'Please!'You beg.'Fine.'He think bitterly.You're still screaming and trying to get away,when you see someone bring out a big needle,and it punctures your skin,and you black out.
  11. Who do you like so far?
  12. By the way,read the introducing words!

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