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I'M SO SORRY THAT IT'S TAKEN THIS LONG FOR ME TO PUT THIS UP!I had a serious case of writers block.It was killing me knowing that i still hadn't finished it.

Anyway,other news.AiFiahK3mE AND Xx 3mo_Star xX Were the closest to my favorite color,which by the way,is Dark Green.Both of them will appear in my next quiz,part 6 of my series.Thanks!

Created by: KaliaRox

  1. On the survellance camera, you see Jon barge through the door.He breaks the hinges and falls down with it.Jacob runs in and helps him up while Kail's(who mulitiplied himself already)go in to tackle Jasper.Jasper quickly runs to the side with superspeed?You were never told that he had that!Apparently by the looks of the guys faces,they didn't either.He was running so fast he looks like a blurr."So she is in here!"He exclaims.He suddenly is a flash from one side of the room to another side looking under your bed,in your closet,everywhere!-But the wall.He was running forward when one of the Kail's thought it would be funny to trip him!Anyways,he tripped,and guess where he fell?Straight through the wall into the room you're in right now.You gasp.He looks around the room obviously impressed until he sees Jessie."Hmm.Could you tell me where _____ is?"whispers softly.He starts walking toward Jessie,who was shivering violently screaming "LEAVE US ALONE!GO AWAY!DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!"She was swinging the bat she had without aiming.Jasper just looked at and and smirked.Suddenly the bat was set on fire.Jessie screamed and dropped it.She seems to scared to even think about teleporting away.You look behind Jasper and hold your breath.Apparently Elijah heard the cries of help from his sister and is charging at Jasper without Jasper even knowing.He jumps on his back and Jasper falls to the ground.He gets back up instantly,even from where you were hiding you could see fire in his eyes."You shouldn't have done that."He says in a low voice.From the looks of it,the two are the same size-like 5'11".The only thing different is Elijah has this horrible glare in his eyes-he must really love his sister.He throws an energy ball at Jasper,who flies back and crashes into the drawer that you were in.You scream with your voice so it sound ear piercing.Thats was a HORRIBLE Mistake!He covered his ears and looked inside the hide in the shadow,and he doesn't see you.He turns back to angry Elijah,who by now is backed up with Jon,Jacob,Kail's,and a very pissed off looking Jessie.You sneak out of the drawer and start running to the corner of the room."WHAT THE ****!"Jasper yells looking straight at you once he finally notices you running.Remember you're still small,like tiny!"Uh-oh."You say.
  2. While he was distracted,you see Jon run full force into his gut.Jasper crumbles to the ground.Everyone runs over to you.You change back to normal size.You are tackled with hugs from all of the guys.They get up,and Jon helps you up.He also walks over and picks the unconsious Jasper from the ground and takes him outside to a forest.You and Jessie walk downstairs with Jacob,Kail,and Elijah.You all sit at the table in the living room waiting for Jon to come back.Finally,about 17 minutes later,he returns.He looks very tired,so you give him your seat,since there was only five,and Jessie had the seat he usually sits in."Where'd you leave him?"Elijah asks."I was running as fast as I could with him slung over my shoulder until I reached the car.Then we went full speed until I reached a town far enough.I put him on a park bench,and sped back here."He explains."Well that was FAST!"You exclaim."_____,I was going full speed remember?I'm surprised a cop didn't pull me over."He says raising an eyebrow."I'm stupid."You say sarcasticly."How'd you get out of school?"Jessie asks."Kail asked to use the restroom.While he was there,he called his mom,and she came to bail us out."Jacob says.You quickly glance at Kail.He smirking at you with a funny look in his eye.As usual."Hey ____!Wanna here another joke?"Kail asks.You're about too open your mouth to answer but he continues anyway."knock knock."He says."Who's there?"You say. "who let the dogs out who who."He says."who let the dogs out who who who?"You ask."lol."Kail says laughing.
  3. You roll your eyes ang giggle.Jessie giggles along with you."So,since we don't have to go back to school today,we might as well train you.Jessie told us that you rested so meet me outside in 5 in PE clothes.I'm training you first."Jon says winking at you,as he walks out the door to clearing in between the lake and the mountain.The vibrant blue lake sparkled in the sunlight.The mountains cast a shadow that was less then 10 yards away,giving it a look like ht-tp:// ,but with Ginkgo trees all over giving it a breath taking look that makes it over the top.You hurry upstairs and change into a sweatshirt and sweatpants.You also put your hair up(if it wasn't already up),and you're wearing a bright colored headband(or pitch black,I prefer grey.).You rush down the stairs and outside.The grass feels warm under your feet.You start running to the clearing where you were told to go,but you are lifted up into the air instead.You look down and see nothing.'Oh dur,'you think.'Telekinesis.'Elijah finishes for you.You look back and see him,Jacob,Jessie,and Kail waving from a window inside the house.
  4. You wave back,but then you turn into the clearing which is out of view of the house.Jon was right in the middle of the field,sitting on a rock,meditating.Once he stopped meditating,you fell from the air and landed on your butt.Jon looks at you and runs over."It seems like i'm always helping you up."Jon says lauging while helping you up."Well,this time,you caused it."You say laughing."Okay,I am going to teach you how to use your Omnilingualism power,so I will speak in a different language,and you have to tell me what i'm saying."You nod."Begin."You say."Imate li karte? Upravo sam držati uzimajući izgubljen u vašim očima."He says while smiling."You think over what he said,and it clicks,like you already knew it."You said Do you have a map? I just keep getting lost in your eyes."You grin."Correct!"He exclaims.You can't help but giggle."Okay,I am very fluent in all languages,so speak to me in any language."He says.You think for a moment."kunnen me gledati o film tối nay?"You ask.He's grin instantly fades."Darnit!You used many different languages.I think you said that you liked raisins?"He asked confidently."You shake your head no."Well what did you say?I can't understand 6 different languages at once like you."He emphasized."I said,'Can we watch a movie tonight?'.""Oh,yeah sure!What movie?"He asks interested."A scary movie!Like The Strangers."You say excitedly jumping up and down.
  5. Jon looks at you and laughs."You're such a girl."He smirks."It makes sense doesn't Albert Einstein."You say sarcasticly."Thanks you,and yes it does,doesn't it?"He taunted.You roll your eyes."Anyway,back to the lesson."You snap."Okay,I'm gonna say something,and you have to tell me what language it is."You nod."Rydych yn y ferch harddaf rwyf wedi ei weld erioed."He said You're the prettiest girl i've ever seen."Thats' too easy.You were speaking in Welsh."You say matter o' factly."Correct-again."Jon says obviously impressed."Try to this one.ek tíµesti jako voi."He grinned.You stop.You sit and think for a minute.Then you smile like crazy.He said I really like you.You blush and look at him."Ummm,you were speaking Italian,Estonian,Czech,and Afrikaans.Not in that order."You say still smiling.Jon sits down next to you,leans in and kisses you.You feel butterfly's in your stomache like you felt when Jacob kissed you.He pulls away.
  6. "Sorry about that.Lessons over."He says not looking you in the eye,but you can tell he's blushing."Okay,thank you Jon."You whisper.You walk holding hands until the house comes in sight.Surprisingly enough,they're still waiting by the window.You walk into the house and tell them about your plans of watching 'The Strangers'."Perfect!This is the perfect oppurtunity to use the movie room."Jacob says excitedly."Movie room?Show me!"You say just as excited."Fine."Elijah says annoyed.He grabs your hand and leads you downstairs to a really big and dark room.There is couches,armchairs,movie theatre seats,popcorn stands,and even a candy/food/beverage stand.You quickly run over the popcorn,and the candy/food/beverage stand.You grab a bunch of candy and popcorn and a sprite.You then sit down on a two person couch,and all of the guys in the room run over to sit next to you,but Kail gets there first.Elijah goes to on Demand and finds the strangers and plays it(if you haven't seen it,watch the trailer- "The Strangers" Trailer (Better Lock Your Door!) ).You expected Kail to talk the whole time,but he was seriously scared!During a really scary part,he screamed,jumped up,and flung his popcorn everywhere.It was hilarious!Everyone was laughing.Although,you were pretty horrified by the movie.
  7. By the end of the movie,ALL of the popcorn was scattered everywhere,in your hair for sitting next to Kail,as well as everyone else's hair lol.He would go from seat to seat,and once a scary part came,grab their popcorn and throw it in the air!The whole movie gave you the creeps,from the first 30 minutes,to the very ending.I would reccomend it for those who haven't seen it.Also Mirrors.Once the movies over,it's 9:00 PM.Tomorrow you HAVE to go to your new school.You want to wake up at 4AM so you can get ready,style your hair,take a shower,put on make-up if you have any,pick out an outfit,etc.You fall asleep instantly.*Your Dream*You were swimming in a lake.It was beautiful,the water was a sapphire color.You were swimming with your parents,and your best friend.You heard a loud noise.At that moment,something pulled you under the water.You were being dragged deeper and deeper down,but for some reason,you could still see your parents and best friends faces perfectly as you were drowning being dragged even farther down.You were flailing your arms,and shaking trying to get back up because you couldn't breath.You were trying to scream for them to help,but they watched you drift down until you couldn't see them anymore.You remember there faces,gloating,or even smirking as you were slowly dying.You were losing breath,when.........You woke up.
  8. You were sweating,and it looks like it fell of your bed.You also noticed that Jessie was beside you.She was patting your hand and shaking your shoulder,trying to wake you up."_____ thanks goodness you're awake!I heard a noise coming from your room since i'm sleeping in the room next door,and I rushed over here to see you on the floor shaking violently,saying 'Help me.If you care for me,then help me!'"She says exasperated."It really creeped me out.Are you okay?"You shook your head no.You're still trying to catch your breath.That was a very realistic dream.It felt so real.You tell Jessie about your dream,and she just sits there wide-eyed.She hugs you.You look at the clock and laugh bitterly.It's 1AM.Jessie leaves,and you go back to sleep.
  9. *LATER THAT MORNING*Your alarm clock goes off.You groan.It's 5AM.You turn off your alarm clock.You get up a go through your daily rituals of getting ready for school.By the thats over,it's 6:37.You sit down in the living room,turn on the TV,and eat Lucky Charms.You watch my favorite show,Sailor Moon.(My fav character is Lita!).You're the only one awake at the moment.You are until Elijah comes down.He sits next to you and stares at you.After a long moment of silence,Elijah finally speaks."You can fall off a building, you can fall out a tree, but baby, the best way to fall is in love with me."He says grinning like crazy.You laugh.He hugs you.Everyone else comes downstairs right as you two pull away.
  10. Sorry that the last question was so short!I'm so sorry for this being late!I had a very serious case of writers block.Jasper is now in the results for those of you who like the evil guys.So,who do you like?for fun i'm putting the full names of the guys.

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