Madness High pt. 5

Ok so like who reads these? This is just heating up and is getting exiting. Btw. At the end can you guess what happens to you know who? IT is not voldemort..

pointy pointy very very pointy pointy pointy pointy pointy pointy pointy pointy poitny pointy GO AWAY PATRIK YOU STUPID STAR! God some star fish right?

Created by: Ellisianmatters

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  1. You sat perched on the edge of the old boards of your tree house and thought about the absolutely roller coaster day you just had. That and its not even over with yet... Although you were really anxious for seven to roll around.You had a realy normal event planned. Out of the watch that constintely surrounded you here. It felt perfectely fine. A gorgeous night out to the movies. Dinner. Just then you heard a soft thunk and turned to see Jackson sitting beside you gazing out into the woods. "He is not mad at you you know." he said. "What?" you retorted. You turned fully around to face himand punched his shoulder playfully. He smiled sadly and fell backwards gasping. You leaned over him face striken with worry. After about one second he smiled an evil smile and then jumped on you and pretend strangled you. Then you both were laughing and rolling around on the floor and just having fun with my gay friend... Untill you felt the edge slip away from your back.
  2. When the edge slipped away from your back you felt something happen. Like time slowing down.You pried you eye lids apart to see a just as amazed Jackson staring down at you. "We are floating... Or crashing like really slowly" he said in shock. Then you saw the amazed face of Damien and Slade standing right below you. They looked at each other and nodded "New power." they said simultaniusly. You and Jackson looked at eachouther and burst out laughing let go of eachother and dropped safely to the ground. You two high fived like a bunch of elementary school students and turned to face Slade and Damien who did nothing but glare at us and look utterly pissed off. "Your boyfriends here." they both said. Now thats gonna get a bit creepy, and anoying. "Cool... Um where?" "Oh he is catching up." they said grinning. Just then Seth emerged from the forest with a angry expression on his face. "Hey, _____. Your friends just ditched me by your brothers cabin." he said with a goofy grinn. I glanced an Jackson who gave me a playful shove of wich sent me stumbling into Seths arms. I looked up into his eyes and quickly broke away. "Lets go" I said dragging him away from the other guys. Away from his probable death.
  3. He led you out of the woods and into a sleek black shiny car you were afraid you might get finger prints on it. When you got into the car ou laughed at the though of how it was all fake. The act, the car, the personality. It was normal though. It was to impress a girl. It was nice though. You managed to not laugh when he closed the door behind you and watched closly he slid across the roof of the car and landed safely on the other side. It was graceful too graceful, you thought. He opened the door on the drivers side and hopped in. Once the door closed he seemed to have a sad look slide across his face. "What is it you asked as he turned on the car and started driving away. Silence seemed to coat everything like glue as he turned onto a long dirt road. The wrong road. You started to freak out and reached out to grab his hand. "Why didnt you say no," he said. You noticed something gleaming trailing down his cheek. "You could have been safe! With them, but now I have to take you to him! Why dose he make me do this?!!" he screamed. "What?" you said and reached for the door handle. Just as the lock slid closed and the darkness that bit at the edge of your vision finaly spread with an awful pain. Darkness. Beautiful Darkness was your last thoughts before you drifted away.
  4. When you woke up you were in a dark room. Voices echoed in through the dark doorway. Cement. You were sitting in a cold hard cement room. Cains bit into your wrists and you gritted your teeth in pain as the wounds just became deeper as you moved against them. You finaly stoped moving as footsteps sounder in the hallway. You tried to find a way to become invisible but you couldnt. Closer, closer, closer they came untill they were here. A man entered the room. He looked like a fairy. He had Sillvery hair and BRIGHT green skin. His purple eyes sparkled in the darkness as he smiled at me. "And she awakens!" he said clapping his hands."Who the HELL are you?" you hissed. He snapped his head down to you and hissed. He slapped you across the face and then breathed in and out. "I am the Fallen. Nice to meet you again ____." "Well you can go shove it!" you yelled at him. "You made me do this." he said quietly as his eyes changed from purple to bright red. Then it started. The pain. Strike after strike. The endless screams... You felt yourself detaching. Losing your grip. Slipping away. You said one last mental thought before you finaly let go: I love you, Slade, Damien. Help me....
  5. You felt yourself let go and fall into a darkness unimaginable. You saw yourself. No two of you. One light one Dark. "Look," the dark one said, "We cant let her die. This might just make her mad. Insane. But we need to try it." The light one looked up startled. "But if we join..." "Yes I know. Overwhelming powers... But do you want to see her die?" the dark one pleaded. "For the first time we agree." the light one said and joined hands with the dark one. The contact caused an apocoliptic crash and then you found my self opening my eyes again. You felt no control over yourself and I ripped my self from the chains all but one of wich dangled from your wrist. You roared an anamal like roar and jumped to the roof and punched a human sized hole in it. Sunlight illuminated from it and you were about to hoist your self over it when about a dozen pairs of hands yanked yanked you back. You spun around andshoved them all away with a snarl and jumped out. When the frest air hit you, you smiled and said, "Lets go home..."
  6. You ran into about a dozen arm in the tattered rags and smiled. "______!" roared two familiar voices and you turned to face them just as you passed out from exaustion.
  7. You woke up to a wet cloth being dragged across your forhead and the exausted smileing face of rose and her pink haired glory smiling down at you. You propped your self up on your elbows and looked around you elbows. "What happened?" you asked. She sighed and threw the wet washcloth over her shoulder and said "You passed out from mutipul lascerations on your arms and chest and bruises to the sides of your skull." she laughed at your uzzled expression and said, "You got cut alot and bled alot. But dont worry. Actualy I am. Why didnt you die?" she asked. You smiled sheepishly and retold everything that had happened. She gasped stood up from her chair and crossed the room. She started chewing on her nails and breathing really fast. "You d-died?" she wispered. Nodding you laid back down and shushed her as she left the room. You heard her calling every body to attention and picked up a long forgotten novel sitting on the night stand. Why not? Some relaxing would do you some good...
  8. Okay this quiz could have been endless but I am tired. The vampires are going back to sleep right now probably...
  9. Any way this quiz is now not a mulitpul person ending thingies now its one of those percent things So just letting you know....
  10. o.o + o-o = ?

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