Madison's Adjective Quiz

Adjectives are all around us. Adjectives are more important then you might think they are. In fact, adjectives are all around us and you cannot avoid them. An adjective describes a noun (ex. the RED ball).

Do you know all there is to know about adjectives? Have you ever considered this part of the sentence? Take this quiz to find out how much you really know about adjectives!

Created by: Maddy
  1. What is an adjective?
  2. Choose the adjective.
  3. The adjective comes after the verb.
  4. What is a pronoun?
  5. Which isn't an adjective in the following sentence? The stubborn girl wouldn't cut her long, tangled, hair.
  6. Does this sentence contain an adjective? Ouch, I just pinched my finger!
  7. Which word isn't an adjective?
  8. Choose the pronoun.
  9. Choose the adjective in the following sentence. Suzy dropped the jiggling Jello on her iguana.
  10. Adjectives are all around us!

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