Lyrics!! No cheating!!

Many people listen to the radio, but very few really listen to the lyrics. Do you know the lyrics to some of the popular songs out there? Go on, take the quiz! It'll make me happy if you do take.

This quiz has 10 questions asking you to complete the lyrics. Here's your chance to really prove that you know your stuff! Go on, prove yourself a true listener!

Created by: oLiViA

  1. Finish the Lyric: I've Got a theory, it could be ________ ( Song: I've Got A Theory)
  2. You, change your mind, like a _____________ (Song: Hot n' Cold)
  3. ____, take me somewhere we can be alone. (Song: Love Story)
  4. But you won't take away my _____ (Song: Decode)
  5. Close your eyes, clear your heart, _______________ (Song: Human)
  6. And it's obvious that you're _____,_____ (Song: Fences)
  7. She's got a body like an _________, that's ticking like a clock (Song: Misery Business)
  8. Because you wrote, "______________" (Song: Everything Back But You)
  9. I set my clocks early cause _____________ "Song: A Little Less 16 Candles, A Little More Touch Me)
  10. They told him don't you __________________ (Song: Beat It)

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