Luna TFP (Transformers Prime)

It's basically about which character you are! There are at least four characters you might be depending on what you choose and stuff like that. Please answer them honestly.

This quiz is meant for a story that I made that is from Transformers Prime. I hope all of you enjoy this quiz! And remember to be safe and have a wonderful day.

Created by: Katy Barrett
  1. If you ever just learn something about yourself, what is your reaction?
  2. Who is your worst enemy?
  3. What's your favorite color
  4. If you see someone hurt, what will you do?
  5. What activities do you like to do?
  6. Someone took your friend and they are a Decepticon and they took them to their ship! What do you do?
  7. Next, who do you have a crush on?
  8. You notice that your crush is acting weird! What do you do?
  9. What animal is your favorite?
  10. How old are you?

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