Loverebeccah's cake quiz

This quiz is a quiz about cakes incase you havent read the title. Cakes cakes cakes, but which one are you, you can find out by taking this quiz. Yum yummmmmm.

But before you take this is quiz, I want to warn you something. Just to let you know this is just a quiz, you are not really cakes so when you get your result please do not attempt to eat yourselves ;)

Created by: Loverebeccah
  1. What would you say your personality is like (out of these)??
  2. On an average day,what do you wear??
  3. Whats your favourate colour??
  4. How are your freinds like??
  5. What topping are you most interested in??
  6. Do you like oatie things??
  7. What colour is your hair??
  8. What is your favourate flavour when you taste something??
  9. Pick one that you would most like to have:
  10. If you had a choice, what would you have for breakfast out of these?? (what are you most likely to have)
  11. Whats your favourate sweets
  12. Pick one:
  13. Pick one that you would most like to have: (just like question 11 but different options)
  14. Who would you most likely want to be when you grow older, or if your already older, you are you most likely to have as a job??

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