Love in the Marauders era 3

Ok pat two here we gooooo! hopped off the plane at LAXWith a dream and my cardiganWelcome to the land of fame excess (woah)Am I gonna fit in? Jumped-!

in the cab here I am for the first timeLook to my right, and I see the Hollywood signThis is all so crazyEverybody seems so famous my tummy's turning.

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
  1. "Good game" Sirius grinned. You grinned back. For the first time that day Remus lifted his head and smiled. "Looks like they're treating you like one of the Marauders" James grinned.
  2. "Penelope Mitchell, I hear by declare you as one of the Marauders!" You were in shock, "Really? Your not joking me?" "Nope. James is actually serious when it comes to the marauders." Sirius said.
  3. You grinned. "Soooo, whats the first challenge or whatever you do?" They looked at eachother. "We normally just hang out...." you zoned out. Behind the others was Snape. He looked weirder than usual. "Penny? Earth to Penny?" You looked up, "Sorry uh.......just.....thinking" you stuttered trying to cover up you looking at Snape. The boys turned around. "Look it's Snivellus!" James said. You don't know what came over you. "What did he ever do to you?" "Uh...he was born?" Sirius said. You rolled your eyes. "Hmmmmm" you came up with an idea. "Normally theres a tradition in America. I'd like to keep it." "What is it" "a bet. I bet Sirius and James 10 galleons that they cant leave Snape alone for a month!" you smiled. "I bet Remus can't read a book for three months. 10 galleons!" Sirius said. "I bet Peter cant eat any junk food for the rest of the year!" Peter looked worried. "Uh....I dont want to be apart of this" "That's ok pete" You said. Then the impossible happened. "I bet Penny can't be my girlfriend for the rest of the year and enjoy it" James said. "How much?" "30 galleons" "Oh....your on." You said holding your hand out. James grabbed it and shook it.
  4. Remus and Sirius death stared James.
  5. You walked up to the common room with the marauders. You went to the girls room to find Marie studying. "SOS!" You screamed. she looked up. You explained everything.
  6. "Its Ok, it's not that bad just be cool. Your in it for the money" you nodded got changed into your robes and walked down to the common room. James was waiting for you.
  7. He winked at you and got up. Lupin was sitting on the couch reading. You sat next to him and James sat next to you and wrapped his hands around you. "What are ya reading Remus?" he looked up. "Fantastic beasts and where to find them.By-" "Newt Schammander!" you said beaming. You stood up and went to dinner.
  8. Sirius was down in the hall. "Soo. How's James?" "I'm not telling you anything incase it costs me!" you said giving him a friendly punch, he smirked. "Weird he's normally a flirt hasn't stucck with one girl"
  9. Ok thats the end
  10. Sorry you have no choice you are now a halfblood Siren/witch cool?

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