Love and Kidnappers 2

This part two of my story love and Kidnappers. You might want to read part one first.

Recap: you just escaped evil Kidnappers who told you your BGFs have secret powers. You are about to tell them when...

Created by: CutiePie22
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  1. When... We heard the crackle of lightning. "Great a storm is coming. I'll go waterproof the sight. " said Stefan. He brought Owen with him. As soon as they left Alex started talking. "___ I'm so sorry I left you for the Kidnappers. Is there any" he started but you interrupted him with a kiss. He blushed and then you kissed him until the others came back.
  2. Owen peeked in and announced that they need Alex to help reach something. Stefan stayed with you. He immediately took your hand and apolOgized for pushing you in the lake,"even though you deserved it" he finished. He leaned over and kissed you passionately. You knew this was wrong but you just coudnt pull away.
  3. After finishing your slapping match with yourself the other boys came back just as the rain started. Owen closed the tent tight and because of the freezing temperature you all huddled on your bed using each others warmth. Soon the rain turned to hail and you all knew the tent was getting weak. All of the sudden the rain and hail stopped. Owen decided to go and look out. He had just stepped outside the door when you hear a roar. Cautiously you look outside and see that the campsite is flooded. Owen is nowhere to be found.
  4. Alex grabs the inflatable raft you brought for the river. It looks like your only way of leaving is by boat. You try to call 911 on your cellphone but you get no bars. You curse campsites for a few minutes and then help pack all of the food and drinks you have. After you have everything that can fit in the lifeboat you all get in. Bracing yourself you open the doors and float out onto the water.
  5. You sail for a few days and your water supply is low. The river opened up to an ocean so you are at the mercy of the seas. Just when you think you will die Stefan sees land. You find that it's an abandoned island. You unpack what's left of your supplies and search the place. You find fruit trees and a bottle of iodine which can purify water. Alex eagerly fills up his water bottle and drops in some iodine. You and Stefan do the same. After the half an hour is up you all eagerly drink some water. It refreshes you throat and cracked lips. On the island you make a memorial for Owen since you saw his dead body on the journey. Everyone is sad and scared. You don't know what will happen to you
  6. You mange to build a house from the palm trees there. In fact you have almost everything you need. You wonder where your family is right now. Alex got angry when you told him you also kissed Stefan. He left to build is own house on the other side of the island. You were glad because you got time to fix things with Stefan. "Do you really have superpowers?" you asked. He laughed. " Of course not. You know what old men do to young women right?" You thought about and took the hint. "They would have probably tried to... Ya know... See you..." you nodded to show that you understood. "They were just finishing off with their last victim. It's good you left when you did." He kissed you again. This time you kissed back.
  7. A few weeks after you got there you were out gathering berries when you heard a scream. You ran towards it and saw Stefan getting attacked by seagulls. You tried to save him but they started to attack you. You saw blood leaking ou of his head. You called his nam and he did not answer. You knew he was dead.
  8. The world starts getting fuzzy. You know you are dying. Then someone grabs you and drags you for what seems like forever. You drift into sleep. You awake in Alex's shack on his bed. He sees that you are up and comes over to you and kisses your forehead. "Why did you save me?" you ask. "Because I love you." he rePlies. You stay with him until you recover.
  9. The endings are In the results! I had fun making these.
  10. Please comment on some improvement I can make.

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