love and bloood 17:the man in the basment

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Created by: bla city

  1. remember when you were trapped in side the basement. well, that's where we are.
  2. they walk forward and tip up your chin with there hand."not too bad." they say, and let go of your chin. "what do you want?" you ask. they stop walking and turn around."what do I want? what do I want? what-do-I-want. yes, let's see here, I want your little boyfriends' inmortality." you can't say anything. you have been here for such a long time, and they haven't even told you that.
  3. the man comes up to you again, and presses his lips on yours. you move away and yell, "DON"T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN!" you walk back wards. the man trys to grabs you, but you smack him in the face and run away. you open the door and run through it, skaming the door behind you.
  4. you run up the stairs into your room and slam the door. there is race on your bed reading a book. "i thought I would find you here." you grinned happy to see someone you really liked. he kissed you, then layed back on your bed. you snuggled up close to him, and he hugged you."your so beautiful, it's hard to say." he wispers in your ear."I know everything here, wasn't what you thought it would be from the first time you got here, but, I know how it feels to feel alone on something." you look up at him and smile. his eyes looked so sad.
  5. you keep still like that for hours. you didn't want to go, and he probablt didn't want to go either. dainen opened the door and said,"I can't take all this crap anymore_______. I give up. we should all just go and move somehwere else. I can't live like this anymore." he shut the door and let you and race be alone again."he's right." says race."I can't take it anymore either." you nod."but, what about the mask?" you ask."we will protect you." race says.
  6. race leaves and kanan comes in. "hey _____." he says."you came in to say how missrible you feel here too?" you ask him as you pack your things. "no. I just wanted to see you." you runa and hug him tight."kanan, I don't want to go." "Iknow you don't______. but, if we can stay out of danger to protect you, then we will do it."
  7. kanan hugs you tight too and leaves too. now, your by your self with your things to pack. it's been so long. and I have been in so much danger latly. It's best if we all do leave. then, you start to pack again.
  8. but, one thought stops you. the thing you forgot about. you hslf brother. he's probably dead right now. but you had to try. "it's now or never." you say to your self
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  10. don't worry ther is more.

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