Logic Test #1

You have logic? HA! I doubt it. Take this logic test to find out. Think, use common sense. Dont be a loser. Take this test to see how much logic you have.

in order to get one hundred percent, you must think outside the box. Hahhahahaha. Ha... Good luck n3rd. fite me irl or take this quiz rite meooow.

Created by: codysly

  1. For the next three questions (Including this one), Choose Blue after you choose red then black.
  2. Look at question #1.
  3. Look at question #1.
  4. Choose the option with the shortest number.
  5. Choose the number 1-10.
  6. Choose the answer that's red.
  7. For the next three questions, (Including this one) choose up then down after you choose middle.
  8. Look at question #7.
  9. Look at question #7.
  10. You're facing north, then you do a full back flip. Which direction are you facing now?
  11. For the next question, choose A. For this question, Choose A+B if A=5 and B=3.
  12. ...
  13. Solve the problem: 2B+4

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