Literary Periods

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  1. what is a literary period?
  2. Is there a difference between postmodernist and contemporary?
  3. Can you mention some important novelists in Edwardian or Georgian periods? In fact are there relevant writers in these two periods?
  4. Where would you put Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness?
  5. Is it true that Lord of the Flies was published in 1954.
  6. What does dystopias mean?
  7. Which American writer is the real one?
  8. what are the 3 irish ones?
  9. Which literary period would contribute to your success as a woman, artist, or an author?
  10. What roles were encouraged for women during The Middle Ages, The Renaissance, and The Romantic Period?
  11. Describe the most important aspects of a woman's life during The Middle Ages?
  12. What types of jobs did women have in the Middle ages?
  13. Describe marriage during the Middle Ages.
  14. Explain the two different types of legal marriages.
  15. Explain the role of women during The Middle Ages.

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