Likelyhood of becomeing a Vampier!

Are u a Vampier. find out, I made this test one day. I was kind of working on it for a week in word. ya, So will you become a Vamp when Vamps attack. IDK, but the test will k.

Are you.......a Vamp. prob not. but what if there were Vamps. Then a Vamp. might bit u. find out? take mine test! or not...whatev...Basicaly my test is to find out how much of a Vamp you are, I have to warn u my test is BAD! dont take it, its a big waste of time, but so is ur life. JK. lol. :)) smiley! peace out

Created by: James

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Would you like to be a vampire?
  2. Would you eat blood
  3. Are you out during the day
  4. Do you mind being with out the sun. For the rest of your LIFE!
  5. Are you cool
  6. Do people like you
  7. Are you
  8. Are you a prep
  9. Do you study
  10. If bitten would you
  11. Would you kill a vampire?
  12. Would you kill someone? :p
  13. Do you like the general public
  14. If a vampire tried to make out with you
  15. If you run from something spooky
  16. Are you seduced easily by vampires
  17. Do like living
  18. How charismatic are you?

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