Lightsaber choice

This quiz is testing what color lightsaber you will have if you are to ever have one. On one side you have green. On the other you have blue. But in between you have yellow. All of these colors do mean something.

Blue means hands-on, material. Green means spirtual, belief. And yellow is a combination of both. Please take the quiz and see what you are! No matter what you are you will find out which color is yours.

Created by: Anthony
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  1. Do you consider GOD's rules and how things affect you spirtually?
  2. Do you go to church Or any spirt enhancement event/organization?
  3. Are you in control of yourself? Ex: Anger, Aggression, Love, Hyperness, Temper, or Patience.
  4. Do you look at a situation from more than one point of view?
  5. Do you think before you act?
  6. Do you follow the law? Also GOD's will?
  7. Do you have respect as a gentleman/lady?
  8. Do you like taking the offense in a fight first?
  9. Do you like getting into fights?
  10. Do you explain strange things through science or spirt?

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