LGBTQ Rp Quiz! (Girls only)

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This is for GIRLS ONLY! Sorry boys! I saw a quiz like this and i wanted to try it. For those haters who are just here to put hate comments, you are only going to hurt yourself by doing that!

LGBTQ Forever! Lover, Hater, Straight? What are you? I decided to do this because i joined a rp in Roblox that your LGBTQ Rouges (In warrior cats ultimate edition)

Created by: ~WarriorsQuiz#1~

  1. Are you a girl or boy? Jk, your a girl, obv
  2. Your age?
  3. Your age in rp? 7-18
  4. Are you LGBTQ?
  5. Whatever age you are, your mom/dad/guardian is taking you to a LGBTQ+ Academy. Their saying is, A Place Where You Can Be Yourself. You arrive their and see a rainbow flag instead of the regular american flag.
  6. You walk through the halls toward the head masters office. Her name is Mrs. White. That's Quin White btw. You walk into her office. "Oh, hello Ms Walter. What can i do for you?" She says. "My name is Eliot Walter and im here to register for a supporter role" you say. "Ok, fill out this paper" she says. She gives you a paper and a pen.
  7. (1) Gender? You pick female.(2) FN(First Name) You say Eliot.(3) LN(Last Name) You say Walter.Thats it. Mrs White gives you a uniform. Its black with a LGBTQ flag on it. "Wear this. Oh, and ill show you your dorm" Mrs. White says, showing you your dorm. Your dorm number is 323. (Remember that) You see a girl, with strait hair and blue eyes & a boy (Diff colored) with brown hair and hazel eyes. "Hi" the girl says. "Are you new? Im Jessica, and thats Brad. You can call me Jess. Whats your name?" Jess says. "My name is Eliot. Eliot Walter" you say
  8. "I have to go change. Ill be in the bathroom" you say. (Dont worry, im NOT going to explain how you put your clothes on)
  9. "Nice" Jess says. "Its a little to original" says Brad. "Dude, shes a newbie. Cut her some slack" she whispers to Brad who nods. You go and sit on your bed. You see a laptop on there and you pick it up. It asks for you to make a username and password.
  10. You put Ellie Walters on the laptop. Your password is ElliotLGBTQ+. "What can we call you?" asks Brad. "Call me?" you ask. "He means what is your nick name" Jess explains. "Oh. Its Ellie" you say. "Ellie. Wait, is your father Jeremiah Walters? The famous military guy?" Brad asks. You give him a hard stare. "I-im s-sorry.." Brad says. "No, im sorry. My dad is 'The famous military guy' " you say.
  11. See ya! BYEEEEEEE

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