Let's play a guessing game

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how well can you guess? or can't you at all? what are you doing don't read this go take the quiz! go quickly before it explodes or somthing. please go or i will explode with it

alright it's gonna explode soon so please just go before i explode before you explode... just go pleeeaaase. now go! go on read my quiz not my paragraphs

Created by: FluttershyLover
  1. what's my favourite colour?
  2. how old am i?
  3. where am i from?
  4. whitch MLP character is my favourite
  5. do i like cake?
  6. what is my favourite icecream?
  7. do i like chocolate?
  8. what is my favourite video game?
  9. what is my fear?
  10. do i like wars?

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