Let me think of your number.

Mind Readers. Claim that they have superpowers. (Mostly they don't.) After that, I think about computers. Use a lot of technology to find out who you are.

Now here is the task! Go take this quiz. Before, think of a number that is between 1 and 10. (1 and 10 are numbers) After, take the quiz to amazingly get brainwashed!

Created by: Ethan Washock
  1. Is your number even or odd? (Odd is 1,3,5,7,9 and even is 2,4,6,8,10.)
  2. What number range is it in?
  3. If you minus 5 by YOUR number, would it be positive, negitive, or 0?
  4. Is your number over or under the number 8?
  5. Can you divide this number by 3?
  6. Subtract the number by 4. What happened?
  7. If you flip it upside down, will it look the same.
  8. Trick Question: Is your number under 10?
  9. Did you like this? (No results for 11 and 12)
  10. Rate this 1-5 stars.

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Quiz topic: Let me think of my number.