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If you have like 2 minutes or more of nothing to do, take this quiz! Its a medium to hard quiz about the history of the LEGO Star Wars line... of... LEGOs?

I'm am going to use random keys and the space bar to fill up this very unwanted second paragraph! Filling up useless space, writing for no reason, oh look, 150 letters.

Created by: pikachew
  1. What year did the LEGO Star Wars line start?
  2. Which of the following sets has not been made?
  3. Which minifigure has only one variation?
  4. How many X-wing sets have been made? (excluding UCS and re-releases)
  5. LEGO comes out with a new group of Star Wars sets about every...
  6. What year did the Clone Wars sub-series debut?
  7. Which of these sets came out in 2003?
  8. Which minifigure has been released?
  9. What year were LEGO Star Wars minifigure's skin color changed from yellow to flesh colored?
  10. Which year wasn't a droieka variant debuted?
  11. Which episode has had only 1 set in the last 8 years?
  12. What vehicle has more than 2 variants?
  13. Which minifigure does not have an Episode 4 ceremonial variant?

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