Lego NinjaGo: How well do you know Kai?

In this quiz, that I made for you will be about: Kai. The elemental master of Fire. He is stubbern, hotheaded and loves to save Ninjago with his friends.

So please, take this quiz. And let's see how much you know about Kai, from Lego Ninjago movie. Or Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjizu. No let's go, do this thing!

Created by: Ninjago Kai

  1. Who is his sister?
  2. What is his element?
  3. Who is he dating?
  4. What is he?
  5. Did he want to be the Green Ninja?
  6. What color does he wear in his Ninja suit?
  7. What is his symble's animal?
  8. Who are is friends? (Ninja friends)
  9. Does he ever lose his element?
  10. What is his personalty?
  11. Did Kai become a Ninja after Zane, Jay, and Cole, or after?

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Quiz topic: Lego NinjaGo: How well do I know Kai?