Legend of Zelda 'Who am I?' Quiz

Well, this just so happens to be my very first quiz and I appreciate the fact that you're taking it, it's pretty easy! I didn't actually think you would be reading this right now lolĀ 

Find out what you know about the a few characters from the Legend of Zelda with this short, simple quiz ! Well, enough of my rambling go ahead and take this quiz! Enjoy! :)

Created by: Destiny
  1. I am the main character of each game.
  2. I am the main villain of (Twilight Princess)
  3. I am the main characters fairy. (Majoras Mask)
  4. I am the sage of the Fire Temple. (Ocarina of Time)
  5. I am the goddess of Power. (Ocarina of Time)
  6. I accompanied Link on his adventure. (Minish Cap)
  7. I am the king of Hyrule.
  8. I am the sage of spirit. (Ocarina of Time)
  9. I am the sage of shadow. (Ocarina of Time)
  10. I am the spirit of courage. (Phantom Hourglass)
  11. That's it! I hope it wasn't too boring for ya! Thanks for taking my first quiz! ^-^

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