Larry Stylinson, which one are you?

okay, so lots of people know about the louis and harry bromance titled larry stylinson. cute eh? I think so but which of the pair are you? Louis or Harry?

It's annoying how you have to write two paragraphs, when really you only have enough to say for one paragraph. Alright I'm done now enjoy the quiz!!!!

Created by: Cassaqazqaz
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  1. Harry and Louis are like an old married couple. So, can you knit
  2. Harry and Louis live together, one of them is a really good cook. Can you cook well
  3. Are you born in the first half of the year (jan-jun) or the second half (jul-dec)
  4. who would you take for the day?
  5. who would you take for the night?
  6. are you messy or tidy?
  7. Do you have a big family?
  8. True or False. Your favorite 1d song is more than this
  9. If you go to school, which most fans do, are you well behaved?
  10. ok now we're done please take my other quiz titled 'louis tomlinson' thanks

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Quiz topic: Larry Stylinson, which one am I?