Ladies Man / Guy's Girl?

There are many people who know what to do in a relationship. Good skill at this is one element that gets you thruogh life so you don't end up like that one old woman who lived with 17 cats. Are you good at it?

With experience, you may be. But this excellent quiz will tell you for sure. Thanks for taking your time to complete this quiz, it means a lot. Also, have fun. Please read the ending box after this quiz for more info, please. PLEASE!! I would love it. Enjoy! Have fun!

Created by: Rida

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Perfect first date...
  2. Interested in...
  3. Where do you live?
  4. Someone gets . . . "a little too close" to you, if you know what I mean, even though you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. You...
  5. Your new boy/girl friend gets a bit too naughty at your first date to the movies (yes, you are in the back, where no one can see). You...
  6. "You are caught cheating," says your girlfriend/boyfriend, but you didn't know he/she was testing you. You...
  7. What's your style?
  8. Where are you and what do you do on weekends?
  9. Why are you taking this quiz?
  10. Have you been in bed with boyfriend/girlfriend previously?

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