Kotor Quiz !!!!!!!

Kotor is a popular game, who knows there may be many other better quizez but try your luck at this one and see if you are a kotor GENIUS !!!! This quiz may or may not be easy you will just have to find out, leap into a world of excitement and take the quiz it will be the best thing you could do in the next 5 minutes.....

Malak, Revan, Bastilla, Canderous, you know where this is going... KOTOR, try your luck at this quiz and prove yourself a fan.I am quickly running out of ideas for an explanation, you know what to do, enjoy the quiz and score high prove you are the ultimate expert

Created by: Smudge

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  1. How Many Planets Do You Visit For Star Maps
  2. Which Planet Do You Pick Up The Gizka ?
  3. Who Do You Fight At The Grove
  4. Who Is The Dark Lord Of The Sith At The Start Of The Game
  5. Where Do You Awake At The Start Of The Game ?
  6. Where Was Revan Badly Injured ?
  7. Who Were The Builders ?
  8. How Many Jedi Does Malak Absorb Energy From At The Factory
  9. Where Did Revan Have His Revelation
  10. What Species Is Zalbaar
  11. Excluding Yourself How Many People Are With You When You Leave Taris

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