Know Rock and Roll? Prove It!!

So many people get wrapped up in one type of music, and never really explore different genres. Rock and roll offers a rich tapestry of sounds and experiences, as well as characters.

Did you pay attention over these past few decades? Did you really listen to the rock, pop, and metal? Here's your chance to show off your retained rock genius!

Created by: Dan Devlen
  1. Which of these bands is a Nikki Sixx side project?
  2. This band's singer battled the bad guys in their video for "Take On Me".
  3. What "girl-band" from the 80's sang "Cruel Summer"?
  4. Candlebox and Kid Rock teamed up to cover what 70's classic?
  5. Who was the lead guitarist on Def Leppard's first two albums?
  6. Which member of The Eagles performed the closing song to the movie The Warriors?
  7. What was the name of David Lee Roth's band before he joined Van Halen?
  8. "Would I Lie To You?" and "Missionary Man" are hits by what group?
  9. "I got a little change in my pocket goin' jingle-lingle ling..."is the open lyric to what one-hit wonder song?
  10. Vince Neil's car accident killed the drummer (Razzle) from what band?
  11. This band's singer hired the female singer for their 80's hit "Don't You Want Me, Baby" the night before they recorded.
  12. The singer of this band reportedly died of auto-erotic asphyxiation.
  13. Nick Lowe sang of this oxymoronic sentiment in his most famous hit.
  14. Kurt Cobain was told by a friend that he "smells like teen spirit".
  15. This artist once held the position of Paul McCartney in Beatlemania.
  16. George Thorogood covered this Doors song, which had only been released by The Doors on a live album.
  17. Which band told us that "Love Stinks"?
  18. These "metal gods" released the double album "Nostradamus".
  19. Which of these songs was a famous hit for Men Without Hats?
  20. This band leader was the original guitarist for Metallica.
  21. Who was the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne immediately following the death of Randy Rhoads?
  22. "How can we sleep when our ____ ___ _______?" Fill in the blanks to get his hit by Midnight Oil.
  23. "One Night In Bangkok", by Murray Head was about ___________.
  24. What did Tears For Fears say that everyone wants to do?
  25. Who was the original bassist for Van Halen?
  26. What were The Vapors "turning" with their biggest U.S. hit?
  27. Who is Guns and Roses current (2015) lead guitarist?
  28. Which LA-based band performed their video for "Summertime Girls" on Venice Beach, CA?
  29. What song by The Hollies did Vince Neil cover for his album Tattoos and Tequila?
  30. Who sang on the Motley Crue album when Vince was out of the band? (An awesome album, btw!)
  31. In what movie did Eddie Murphy sing "Roxanne"?
  32. Which TV Drama used Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" in the first episode?
  33. What band split for side projects that included The Power Station and Arcadia?
  34. This former Quiet Riot guitarist now plays opposite Warren Di'Martini in Ratt
  35. In what movie did Steeler's Wheel's "Stuck In The Middle With You" accompany a gruesome kidnapping and disfigurement?
  36. Which quint-essential 80's movie featured the Talking Heads' "Home"?
  37. According to the lyrics, what type of seats did RUSH's "Red Barchetta" have?
  38. This singer has a statue in his honor in Fremantle, Western Australia.
  39. Who was the original guitarist for Quiet Riot?
  40. Johnny Cash covered what SoundGarden song?

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