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Hopefully you did a good job on this quiz because of you didnt then why bother, especially if you dont know much about him, dont even know him or he's kinda cool.

Are you the perfect match for Justin Bieber, do you know everything there is to know about Justin Biber that your brain could explode from all the knowledge you know then your totally the right match.

Created by: Timea
  1. Which of these is one of justin's songs?
  2. What is his favourite lollies?
  3. What is his albums name?
  4. How long about does it take for him to solve a rubix cube?
  5. What is his best friends name?
  6. How did he become famous?
  7. What is his middle name?
  8. In the song baby how old was he when he had his first love?
  9. Do you like Justin bieber?
  10. What is his bday?

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