Just wondering why....

This quiz is just a fun quiz, but could have some meaning...maybe. I like this quiz because of the random questions...very random. If you like them then comment if not then still comment.

I like quizzes, i can try to define you but if i fail epically then i'm sorry if not then cool. This is not a serious quiz but it could be...maybe. It was the quiz that just popped into my mind.

Created by: mcr111

  1. Color question (I know, i know)
  2. DO you watch invader zim????
  3. What's better buble gum or pizza?
  4. Kesha or Plain White T's?
  5. DO you like elavator music....?
  6. head phones or ear buds?
  7. Night owl or morning bird?
  8. Would you rather sing in front of strangers or people you know?
  9. Salt or pepper?
  10. How is your room?
  11. Riots?

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