Just Tell Me About My Future ;_;

Well you know there are lots of people who thinks that they are so clever ! But wait a minute why the world is so messy ? Why only we have a few people like Edison who create such a new things ?! (or maybe we don't have ! ) then its not true , this exam shows that where is your current position in this world , are you really genius ?! Who knows ?!

Well in this quiz we just putted such a great questions , to get involve your brain , make it thinks in right way , in the less time , to choose the right answer , hopefully we just did it .

Created by: Thom Yorke
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  1. What can a C2H5-O-C2H5 do ?
  2. Green , blue , ??? , purple.
  3. X(n+1) = x(n)-f(x(n))/f(x(n))dx.
  4. 2*3*2-1*2-1*2-1 = ?
  5. Q=cv > v=q/c > v=c1v1+c2v2/c1+c2 or v=c1v1-c2v2/c1+c2 .
  6. (p+n)-N=m > energy=mc^2 Na(11) /Ne(10) /Ar(18) /Kr(36) p=?
  7. Mlf+mcdt=0
  8. We are at the top of a building , suddenly we drop a ball , rapidly after that we look at the clock , it shows 11:4:15 , then our friend drops his pen from the building at the time of 11:4:16 , after a moment the ball will arrive the ground which the pen already has 45 m long to arrive the ground what is the height of the building ?
  9. 1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1+... = ?
  10. Name me something .

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