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  • u genius

    otty Jul 26 '14, 10:01AM
  • 36%, lol did you just say to go to the POPULAR mall? Lol. That's hilarious. I wear tops from Hot Topic and tutus I made myself and pigtails so teased up I look like a Pomeranian and THAT'S why people don't adore me. But, i've got five friends that used to hate each other; I brought us together and we'll never be torn apart. 'Popular' people stab you in the back. I learned at a tender age that true friends stab you in the front.

    KilljoyRainbow Aug 17 '13, 12:18PM
  • got 70% , dnt know what that means

    brandon32 Jul 9 '12, 6:10PM
  • The only reason I got 0% is because I am a evil little devious b---- to everyone but I don't care that people think I am a evil little mastermind ;)

    Kjnhb Sep 7 '10, 7:58PM
  • 24% and proud of it. i am not popular.

    Too me Feb 20 '09, 11:04PM

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