Just a bunch of fun stuff

There are so many bored people out there. This quiz is just for fun. Don't go wearing pink panties because it said so. Don't go take a bath because you think you smell like fish. Just do it. Have fun, smile and enjoy the world!

Are you a monkey? do you like to eat fish? do you like to wear pink panties? do you wear red lipstick? do you care about quizzes? if you do, go to another quiz. this one will sux for you.

Created by: yvon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Kevin loves to?
  2. Roy has a?
  3. Veronica will always?
  4. Yvonne smells like?
  5. Cell eats?
  6. Harvey likes a bunch of
  7. What are you wearing?
  8. Yvonne is?
  9. Roy is?
  10. Kevin is?
  11. Veronica is?
  12. Cel is?
  13. Harvey is?

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