It's all about me! Me! Me! Me!

I'm not spoiled and I don't get everything I want! Not me. Not at all, nope never. Okay maybe just a little bit but it's okay cause everyone just loves me!

How much do you really know about me. Take a few minutes to find out. Some questions are a little tricky and some are obvious. Have fun and don't forget to think really really hard... but not too hard we wouldn't want your head to go boom!

Created by: nikki

  1. My three favorit colors?
  2. When's my birthday?
  3. What is my favorite video game?
  4. What is my favorite sport?
  5. what is my favorite movie?
  6. All time favorite tv series?
  7. What is my favorite Disney movie cartoon characters?
  8. Tigger, pooh bear, piglet, or eeyore?
  9. M&Ms or starburst
  10. What is my favorite band?
  11. Who is my favorite singer?
  12. What is my favorite flower?
  13. Who is my favorite wrestler?
  14. What is my favorite sports team?
  15. What is my favorite book?
  16. What is my favorite care bear?
  17. Who is my favorite Disney Princess?

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