Are you spoiled? Girls only!

Do you have it all? Has some one ever called you spoiled? Remember, some people may say things out of anger. Thats all. But this quiz wil find out if your spoiled or not!

So are you spoiled? Lets figure it out! Spoiled may seem like an easy life, but things are better in the long run when you try hard and give to others!

Created by: lala4567

  1. If I went in your closet, what would I find?
  2. Do you buy your own things?
  3. How many shades of lipstick do you have?
  4. Name some stores you shop at
  5. You have a...
  6. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
  7. How many purses do you have?
  8. Would you wear hand me downs?
  9. Describe your typical outfit (for the warmer weather)
  10. How many peices of clothing are in your closet that still have the price tag on (you have not worn it yet)
  11. Do you buy things because you want them or need them?

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Quiz topic: Am I spoiled? Girls only!