Is your OC well-developed?

Hello. This is my first quiz! I made this quiz especially Luna, because I thought she was cool. This quiz might be a little bad, because it was my first one and I made it at night, so I was kind of sleepy.

I tried to make a lot of options. Please comment if there is a problem here, please tell me by commenting. Also, if you enjoyed the quiz, then please comment your OC as my reward, please? I enjoy reading other's imagination!

Created by: Berry4533
  1. First off, what color is your OC's hair?
  2. How about the eyes?
  3. Did they dye their hair or color/tattoo their eyes?
  4. What's their name like?
  5. What's their past like?
  6. Do they have a romantic relationship?
  7. Do they have any special powers?
  8. What kind are they? Choose.
  9. Describe them! 1
  10. Describe them! 2
  11. What's so rare/special about them (physically)?
  12. What's their element?
  13. Does your OC have any siblings?
  14. Thank You for playing the quiz. This was made especially for Luna. I thought Luna was really cool, so I made this quiz. This was also my first quiz so if you detect any problems, then please comment them. Also (optionally) comment your OCs. I find it really fun to read about other people's imagination and stuff. Thanks and Bye (comment your score!)

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Quiz topic: Is my OC well-developed?