is your friend an alien from space

There are some aliens out in the universe. The question I have for you is, is your friend an alien? If you are not sure take this quiz to find out the truth about your friend.

Is your friend an alien? does your friend do really weird things, or are they too normal? starting now you can find out if they are an alien. just a few minutes of this quiz and then you will know.

Created by: lucy
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  1. Does your friend eat raw hotdogs?
  2. does your friend like something gross?
  3. Do they eat their bellybutton lint?
  4. Does your friend eat bugs?
  5. Would your friend speak in a language that only their family new and they made a stupid excuse about it?
  6. does your friend stay under water longer than 5min.?
  7. Does your friend speak about blubber a lot?
  8. Is your friend too normal?
  9. is your friend really weird?
  10. does your friend have noses that look like two holes on their face?
  11. does your friend have pets that die a lot?

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Quiz topic: Is my friend an alien from space