Is your family normal

there are not alot of normal familys out there. this quiz is going to show you who is normal and who is not. so good luck may your family be very normal!

Is your family normal?Can you say that you have the best family ever?Well now you can find out , take this quiz and see who is on top!and find out if you need to fixes a few things.

Created by: elizabeth
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  1. does your family yell at you constatly?
  2. does your family always yell at each other?
  3. do you think you are adopted?
  4. how many siblings do you have?
  5. do you wake up screaming in the midle of the night because you had a night mare where your family kills you?
  6. do you sometimes see your parents making odd plans behind your back?
  7. what does your family normaly do for fun?
  8. do you have any pets at all?
  9. what state do you live nearest to?
  10. your parents?

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Quiz topic: Is my family normal