What Kind Of Person Are You?

People are always different. Some are funny,good looking,shy,annoying, or just plain normal. Is there a such thing as normal? We know everyone is different in their own way, but the truth is soem of us never know what makes us different and never will.

Are YOU normal? What makes you so different from him or her, OR ME? What and who are you? Are you shy or are you loud? Get to know the true you! Find out if you stand out or blend in! Just a couple question will show you!

Created by: Lily
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your friend or workmate invites you to dinner. You:
  2. You have a lot of work and someone comes to talk to you. You:
  3. You walk in to a party. You:
  4. You are crushing on this super cute girl/guy. You:
  5. This Girl/Guy starts talking about you behind your back. You:
  6. What color you like the best:
  7. Which animal are yopu most like:
  8. Fav style of clothes:
  9. Fav Place
  10. Ice Cream FLavor:
  11. What is fun to you:

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Person am I?