Is your crush seriously worth it?

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Almost everyone has had a crush at one point or the other. Now with modern technology we look up quizzes to see if they are our "match". And here is one of those

Based on a series of questions that are very wide range and pulled from personal experience, I give you this quiz that is for all genders and ages. Enjoy.

Created by: Avari
  1. You are starring at them. They realize! What do they do?
  2. Your crush sees you. You are sad. It was something personal. What do they do?
  3. You are in p.e. you are playing soccer/ football and make a goal. Your crush says
  4. You are doing terrible on your quiz the teacher left the room. You turn to your crush they seem to know what they are doing. You ask them for help. They reply
  5. You were your best clothing and you think you look really good. Your crush
  6. Your crush and you join the same club. They see that you are there. They
  7. You accidentally ask your crush a personal question. They
  8. You post a photo of yourself on social media. Your crush
  9. Do you really like this person?
  10. Let fate choose.

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Quiz topic: Is my crush seriously worth it?