is your crush , crushing on you ?

Created by: Jewel

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  1. does he /she stare at you wth a smile ?
  2. does he/she try sit by you in class or lunch ?
  3. does he/she play with you ?(like telling you not to tripp over his foot and then smiles at you )
  4. does he/she blush when talking to you ?
  5. has she/he ever looked stait into your eyes and didnt take them alwayan you didnt take yours away ?
  6. does he/she try to make you laugh ?
  7. does your crush know that you like him/her ?
  8. does he know your favirit color ?
  9. does he/she know your favirit things ?
  10. last one : will he/she to stuff for you ? (like : put your folder away for you , open doors for you )

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Quiz topic: Is my crush , crushing on you ?