Is your character a Mary-Sue?

Hey people! This quiz will judge your OC based on the information you give. Remember: always be honest and don't get upset if you don't get the result you want to; there's always a way to fix it. Hope you enjoy it!

( plus, sorry for any mistake, don't kill me verbally. and I'm just filling this with random stuff so they can accept the quiz and...yeah, that's basically the reason )

Created by: Yuna

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  1. Ok, let's start. Did your character had a rough childhood, suffered/suffers from bullying, have both or one of his/her parents dead or had abusive parents?
  2. If you answered yes to the last question, do you use this as an excuse to anything bad your character did/does or as an excuse for his/her behaviour?
  3. Is your character species non-human, like a werewolf, vampire, demon, angel or a similar?
  4. Is your character part of a prophecy or plays an extremely important role in the story, in a way that if he/she wouldn't be there, the character's universe could fall apart or things could turn out in a totally different way?
  5. What's your character's name like?
  6. Are your character's looks particularly beautiful or/and unique in a point that pretty much everyone is attracted to him/her?
  7. Does your character have unusual hair colour?
  8. Does your character have an unusual eye colour?
  9. Do you use overly poetic terms to describe your character, like "raven orbs" or "golden streaks"?
  10. Does your character feel/is responsible for another person's death?
  11. Is your character exceptionally good at something or learns really fast?
  12. Does your character have a mental disorder such as psychopathy, sociopathy, anti-social disorder, depression or anxiety?
  13. Does your character have a crush on someone or is someone's crush?
  14. Last but not least, do you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Is my character a Mary-Sue?