is ur best friend a friend or foe

friend that use you are not real friends at all if u think your best friend is a totally foe try this quiz and try to make new friends that you will trust and keep away from your foe friend

friends are like flowers if you pick the right one it will never fall it will blom but those flower that fall are not the right ones try this quiz to see if your friend is a friend hope it will help you,please comment

Created by: emma of stardoll
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  1. does your friend talk about u behind your back?
  2. does your friend talk about other people
  3. do u and your friend fall out alot
  4. do u and your friend fall out alot
  5. does your friend hurt u
  6. does your friend ever filrt with ur boyfriend
  7. does ur friends copy u
  8. do u really like ur friend
  9. does she play with u
  10. is she a lezbo

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