Is Tommorow Going To Be The Best Or Worst Day Ever?

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Car crash or surprise proposal? Meet the love of your life or break your leg? Which one? I'm sure you are curious about what tomorrow may bring! IS it good or bad?

It would be very awesome if you could post your result and come back tomorrow and let me know how it went! Was it accurate? (Probably not) Or did everything happen like I said it would? (I'm awesome)

Created by: AlexTheCat

  1. What day is tomorrow?
  2. Would you consider yourself a lucky person?
  3. What is your general mood today?
  4. Would you date someone really nice/caring/sweet even if they are ugly?
  5. You would consider yourself to be...
  6. If you see someone being bullied, you are most likely to...?
  7. If you had to be one of these, which one would it be?
  8. The best kind of music out of these is...?
  9. Your favorite out of these?
  10. Choose one!

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