How wise are you?

This is my first quiz and it's probably not going to be very well liked. I tried my best though and i don't think it's the worst on this site. Some questions are actually pretty decent!

Have fun taking my crappy quiz! You might actually have to think about some of your answers...So it's probably not the worst quiz you've taken on here! Enjoy!

Created by: Lunaphenne

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  1. What do you think of yourself?
  2. Now what do you think of other people?
  3. Now what do you think of the world?
  4. These next questions will determine your wisdom based on how you react to everyday matters.
  5. Your walking through a beautiful forest...When you stumble upon a duckling. The duckling is pacing around obviously lost and afraid. You brought a sandwich for lunch with you and you know there is a pond up ahead where many ducks live. What do you do?
  6. After your little meeting with the duck you continue your walk through the forest. As you walk you step on a very very pointy and sharp rock and stab yourself in the foot. What now?
  7. After your walk in the forest you decide to run into a gas station and buy some water. As your waling to the door a homeless guy asks if you could spare some change.
  8. The next questions will determine how wise you are in decision making.
  9. Your talking to a good friend of yours but you notice that they seem sad over something.
  10. You find out that your friend's sibling has just been diagnosed with a deadly disease and only has months to live.
  11. Well this is all for now.
  12. I'll be the first to say this wasn't a great quiz.
  13. If it's any consolation i think pie is delicious. I also love David Bowie. I love Jethro Tull as well. I'm also crazy over each and every Legend of zelda game.
  14. Sorry if it sucked. This is my first one...

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Quiz topic: How wise am I?