Is she really my BFF? (GIRLS ONLY)

BFF"S are wonderful and are really great things to have. You really never know who your true BFF is until you actually find out who they are and how they treat you.

Do You have a BFF? If you do, are you sure that he/she is your true BFF. Maybe you might think so but having a BFF means that your BFF always has your back and is never mean to you. If Your BFF is like this then he/she is a true BFF

Created by: kayla
  1. how does she treat you?
  2. Do you think that she is a good friend?
  3. If she had 2 tickets to go see your favorite band, what do think she would do?
  4. if you wanted to go shopping with her,what do you think she would say?
  5. how did you and her meet?
  6. are you happy being her friend?
  7. Does she always stick by your side?
  8. Do You consider her as your BFF?
  9. Is she nice to you?
  10. can she get jelous at times?
  11. Is she a brat in your eyes?
  12. If she was having a sleepover do you think that she would invite you?
  13. Does she ever try to make a fool out of you?
  14. How does she treat you?
  15. How does she treat your boyfriend?
  16. Do Your parents like her being your friend?
  17. Is she a respectful girl?
  18. do her parents like you?
  19. do you and her have anything in common?
  20. has she ever been in serious trouble? (Like with the law or something like that)
  21. does she hang out with you a lot?
  22. what's her favorite sport?
  23. what's her favorite hobby?
  24. is she popular in school?
  25. what's her favorite music?
  26. has she ever hurt your feelings?

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