Is It True Love

are you truely in love many people think they are this quiz will test that and give u a counsleing answer no bull true love is no game. And if u pass with flyen colors then you can truely say i have true love at the alter or wherever so take the quiz trust me you will find so much out about ur love for you partner

True love do u think so ? well takew the test if your love is strong enough. if not walk away ecause u don't really have wat it takes to do this quiz but if you do give it a shot I'm sure you won't be disappointed if so let me know if not then rock on!

Created by: Katie Conner

  1. When you met Him/Her did u feel attracted at first site?
  2. If he/she was locked up would you write him letters and never speak to another man/women the way you did to him/her would you
  3. If he/or she died would u love them even when they r gone?
  4. They kissed you and then it went further but they stopped it from happenen would you be mad?
  5. if they left you for some hoe would you kick that b's as's
  6. If you were prego would you be scared to sahre it with your partner?
  7. If your partner asked you to marry him when they were in a diffrent state would you say yes!
  8. If ur partner was almost seven years older then u would u think diffrent of them?
  9. Ok if you could choose anyone in the world to have who would u choose
  10. if they were a redneck would u try to out wit him ?

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