Is it too good to be true?

There are plenty of legitimate businesses out there that offer contests and promotions out there, but there are also a lot of people out there who are trying to take your money.

Can you smell the difference between a legitimate offer from a business and a possible scam? Find out your SCAM IQ by taking the "Is it too good to be true quiz."

Created by: Kevin Justus

  1. You get a message that you won a contest for which you didn't register.
  2. You get a message that you won the lottery.
  3. You get a message that you won a lottery from another country.
  4. You get a message that you are the only heir of foreign royalty.
  5. Someone needs your help getting money out of their country and they need your help. Of course they will give you some if you help.
  6. You get an automated phone call telling you won something. You just need to stay on the line for details.
  7. You are notified via phone you have won something, but they want you to meet them somewhere.
  8. You get a call from a foreign country.
  9. The caller tries to keep you on the phone even when you tell them you aren't interested.
  10. You get an offer for a pre-approved loan or credit, but you have to pay the fees upfront.

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