Is he/she your soulmate?

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Many people want to find their soul mate. It does happen but it is rare. Consider this beautiful quote. "We all dream of finding that one person whom will love us even after there are no more tomorrows." "• Faye Hall Is this how you feel? I found my soul mate, we complete each other in love forever.

Find out if he/she is your soul mate. Thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out how you did. Enjoy taking this quiz, hoping you already have a soul mate. Smile!

Created by: Bertha
  1. Can you two giggle, laugh and share jokes together without getting upset?
  2. Do you two respect each other?
  3. Do you two spent a lot of time together?
  4. Do you two share your deepest feelings together?
  5. Can you two talk about anything and everything together?
  6. Can you two apologize easily to each other?
  7. Can you two communicate well with each other?
  8. Do you two go to bed at night in peace with each other?
  9. Do you two walk hand in hand and not ashamed of doing it?
  10. Do you two support each other in anything he/she undertake?
  11. Do you two feel complete together?
  12. Are you two a match in the bedroom?
  13. How passionate is your love towards each other? where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest
  14. Do you two miss each other when you are away?
  15. Do you feel like he/she is your everything, you can't live without him?

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Quiz topic: Is he/she my soulmate?