is he cheating on you?

so you think your partner is cheating on you? Well i hope not because nobody deserves to go through that pain. Hopefully this quiz will tell you that your partner isn't cheating on you.

in just a few minutes you will find out if your gf/bf is cheating on you. Now if the results come out bad, don't be discouraged maybe i'm wrong, you never know.

Created by: tiffany fulton

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  1. does she/he act flirty around a certain girl/guy?
  2. he/she always has a excuse to not hang out
  3. she/he never lets you on his/her phone,even to text your parents
  4. he/she backs out of plans you guys have had for weeks
  5. she/he lies about things like where they were last weekend or even last night.
  6. he/she takes forever to text back.
  7. she/he never wants to cuddle anymore
  8. he/she is always making up excuses why they weren't reachable
  9. instead of hanging out with you, she/he always hangs out with their friends and ignores you
  10. he/she has a lot of weird numbers on their phone and wont tell you who they are

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